Housing and trans-national money laundering: an update on what I’ve been doing as AG to address the housing crisis in BC

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As you may know, my colleague Carole James is working on several measures related to speculation, loopholes and tax evasion in the housing market in conjunction with the preparation of our February budget. As I have more information I can share, I will let you know.

In the meantime, although it is not squarely related to housing, I thought you might find my remarks related to trans-national money laundering in BC casinos of interest.

I delivered this speech, which touches on areas broadly related to housing policy, to a December conference co-hosted by Transparency International Canada, UBC’s Allard Law School, and the International Centre for Criminal Law Reform.

It may give you some idea of the challenges our new government faces, and the need for the significant reform work we are undertaking.

Yours truly,

David Eby

MLA, Vancouver Point Grey

Transcript of my speech to Transparency International, a long read, but it explains what I’ve been doing on the housing file and why: Transparency International Speech