Globe and Mail: In Vancouver, debate swirls over Jericho Lands

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May 18, 2015 |  Kerry Gould  | THE GLOBE AND MAIL

Quoted from the article:

“The Jericho Lands could either become a legacy project, similar to the hugely successful False Creek South around Granville Island, or it could simply be sold off to the highest bidder, business as usual. And that would do absolutely nothing but stoke the fires of unaffordability, says NDP MLA for Vancouver-Point Grey, David Eby.
“The hands-off approach by provincial or federal governments – by selling to whoever will pay the most money for land – completely ignores the strategic value of this property to ensure some level of access to the city for the people who work here,” says Mr. Eby, a lawyer who lives in a 536-sq.-ft. condo with his wife and child. “We don’t need more luxury housing in Vancouver. We have lots of it.”Read full article here: