MLA David Eby heading to Ottawa to talk money laundering

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Vancouver Sun, March 22, 2018  By Jennifer Saltman. As quoted in the article: Attorney General David Eby is hoping to raise awareness of the transnational money laundering issues plaguing B.C. and ask for federal support when he is in Ottawa next week.

Eby is scheduled to speak before the House of Commons standing committee on finance, which is receiving input on amendments to the Proceeds of Crime and Terrorist Financing Act.

“I think the main request that I’m going to be making to this committee is they think about life on the other side of the Rockies, in British Columbia,” Eby told reporters after delivering an address at the Surrey Board of Trade on Wednesday, “about the issues that we’re grappling with around real estate and casinos and the seriousness of the impact that gang violence has when these gangs are able to launder money.”

Eby said the federal government and agencies such as Fintrac — Canada’s financial intelligence unit — and the RCMP have “a huge role to play” in supporting B.C.’s efforts to fight money laundering. He said it’s also important for all political parties, not just the Liberals, to understand what’s happening in B.C. so there is broad support for local initiatives.