The Globe and Mail: Eby comments on new ads featuring ‘shadow flipping’ homes

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April 21, 2016 | Kathy Tomlinson

Quoted from the article:

David Eby, the Vancouver MLA who recently asked police to investigate the brokerage, said he finds the English translation of Mr. Wu’s full comments during the training session disturbing.

“The presentation is an effort to undermine the client’s best interest,” Mr. Eby said, adding that he thinks Mr. Wu’s meanings are clear. “It’s a training session on how to lie to the client – and sound convincing.”

Mr. Eby points to one section, in which Mr. Wu coaches agents on how to persuade homeowners wanting to sell to offer agents for buyers a bonus of several thousand dollars to entice buyers to make offers. Mr. Wu suggests in the training session agents should later hold back most of that bonus for themselves.

“The bonus stuff is just appalling,” Mr. Eby said.

Mr. Eby called on the regulator to suspend the brokerage firm’s five licences. The council indicated it is too early to say what, if any, further measures will be taken.

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