Times Colonist: Province looks at ways to solve sheriff shortage

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August 30 2017 | Lindsay Kines

Quoted from the article:

Attorney General David Eby said in an interview Tuesday that the former B.C. Liberal government’s decision to double the number of sheriff-training classes this year fell short of what is needed.

“We’re looking at ways to add additional classes of sheriffs to make sure that we have sufficient sheriffs to ensure our courts run properly,” he said.

One of the problems is finding a place to do that, given the limited space at the Justice Institute of B.C. to accommodate more classes, Eby said.

“I’ll have more about this in the weeks and months ahead, but the challenge of just the sheer physical space is one that is a surprisingly difficult one.

“We will grapple with it and we’ll figure it out, because we need a court system, and British Columbians deserve a court system, that is able to hear their disputes in a timely manner.”

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