Van Mag Q&A: David Eby on our hot housing market

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March 17, 2016 | Max Fawcett

Quote from the article:

“You’ve used the word crisis to describe what’s going on in the housing market. Why is it a crisis, from your perspective?

It all depends on where you’re sitting in the market, I guess. From where I sit, I think about the future of the lower mainland. It’s one that includes the technology industry, that includes the clean tech industry, and that includes people of all ages. But the direction I see things going right now is the complete opposite—a community owned by absentee property speculators and the world’s super-rich, and a service economy [built] to attend to their needs. That’s why I call it a crisis. I think we’re at a crossroads, if we’re not past it already, in terms of the future of the Lower Mainland.”

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