VANCOUVER COURIER: Point Grey Residents concerned about future of Jericho Lands

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April 25, 2015  l   Naoibh O’Connor, VANCOUVER COURIER

Vancouver-Point Grey MLA David Eby pressed Amrik Virk on whether the ministry will consult with the community before disposing of the land. In addition, David will be speaking at the WPGRA meeting this week to encourage residents to voice their concerns that the government must consult with the community about the future of Jericho Lands. He was quoted within this article:

“Canada Lands will be presenting what their intent is with respect to community consultations [for the 52-acre portion], so that will be a big part of the conversation… Then from my side, it will be really a call to action that people get in touch with the provincial government however they can — and because it’s Point Grey, there are lots of people with direct connections to the government that are outside the usual [means] — and say, ‘Look, don’t sell this incredibly strategic and important piece of property without talking to the community,’” he said.

“I’m worried they’re moving really quickly given that they were in early talks at the time of the Global article and now they’re in formal discussions. The federal half went really quickly once their discussions started after the transfer to the Canada Lands corporation and I think it’s quite easy for the province to match the deal that the feds gave — there may be less negotiations than there was a year ago.”

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