Vancouver Sun: David Eby stands out in rookie term

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April 26, 2016 | Vaughn Palmer

Quoted from the article:

But the exchange illustrated how Eby in his rookie term in the legislature has emerged as one of the most effective critics in the house.

He’s one of the busiest too. Opposition leader John Horgan has loaded up the 39-year-old lawyer from Vancouver-Point Grey with three potentially heavyweight critic roles besides TransLink:  gambling, liquor and housing.

Workhorse Eby has been on his feet for about half of the 30 or so question periods this legislature session, particularly on B.C.’s “Wild West” of a housing market.

Shadow flipping. Foreign ownership. Properties deliberately left vacant. Real estate scams. Negligent regulation. Again and again, Eby has pressed the Liberals for their slow response to what pretty much everyone but they recognize as a crisis in affordability.

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